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Oklahoma City’s #1 Plumbing Service Provider for 45 Years!

Oklahoma City’s #1 Plumbing Service Provider for 45 Years!

Satisfaction Guaranteed Plumbing Company for All Your Waterworks Needs

Satisfaction Guaranteed Plumbing Company for All Your Waterworks Needs

Since 1978, Schuler Plumbing has been synonymous with superior plumbing care in the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area. With nearly 45 years of practice, we have taken one man’s vision of supplying his community with quality and competitive service and cultivated the hard-earned character of an experienced and fair plumbing company. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of keeping our services affordable while maintaining thorough and precise attention to detail.

We did not become the most trusted drain and sewer specialists in Oklahoma City by accident. Through decades of hard work and satisfied customers, we developed a reputation for knowledge, expertise, and meticulous work. We have built our business with methodical planning and dedication to success, just as we perform every job. Whether it be residential or commercial, we have the tools and expertise to complete your project at a rate that will beat our competition in terms of quality and price. Contact our team of experts today!

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Schuler Plumbing, Trusted in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Since 1978Schuler Plumbing has earned a reputation for being the best commercial plumbing company in OKCSchuler Plumbing has aimed for 100% customer satisfaction for over 45 years

The Highest Quality Plumbing Company for Homes and Businesses In OKC

Plumbing Doesn’t Get Better than Schuler Plumbing in Oklahoma City

Schuler Plumbing has served the greater Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area for 45 years. We do not plan on going anywhere, and we know that our customers are glad about that. We love this area and the people. We are committed to providing them with the best plumbing care possible despite any barriers that get in the way. We hold ourselves to the highest standards so you can have confidence in our work.

We have a reputation in this city for our hard work, meticulous attention to detail, and fair prices. We make sure you receive the results you are looking for and maintain this standard by only hiring the brightest master and journeymen plumbers. Anyone who works for us must also have the same high standards because we know that a team can only reach its full potential when they strive for the same goals.

Our service radius stretches 50 miles from the heart of Oklahoma City to ensure that everyone who wants access to a superior plumbing company can have it. Any home or business within the limits of our border is entitled to all services found on our comprehensive commercial and residential projects list.

If you are looking for qualified and licensed plumbers in OKC, Oklahoma, look no further than Schuler Plumbing. There are a lot of good companies out there, but we strive for excellence. Let us introduce you to the Schuler difference.

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Emergency Plumbing Services When They Matter Most

A Plumbing Company with Expertise in Emergency Repairs

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to maintain a healthy plumbing system, emergencies arise that need immediate attention. In those moments, you do not have the luxury of comparing companies to find the highest-quality work for the best price. For those times, it helps to have a trusted plumbing company in your back pocket, so you know that no matter what the circumstance, you are receiving the best care available.

At Schuler Plumbing, we understand that emergencies do not wait for a convenient time. They can happen anytime, and as the premier plumbing company in Oklahoma City, we make it our job to supply you with quick and reliable solutions. Our experienced professionals undergo vigorous training to handle any emergency in a way where you can have confidence in the care you are receiving. From clogged drains and burst pipes to water heater disruptions, the experts at Schuler have in-depth experience and knowledge of handling the situation appropriately.

After 45 years as the greater Oklahoma City area’s top choice for anything sewage or drain related, we have learned a thing or two. That is why we are committed and able to provide superior service no matter the time of day. We will do whatever it takes to ensure we meet your needs promptly and at a fair price. With our many years of experience, we know what it takes to get the job done right and achieve the highest results.

You never know when you will need emergency plumbing repairs, so it is best to have an expert in mind when it comes. Schuler Plumbing is that company. Whether you need to address an immediate emergency or a full installation service, we guarantee your satisfaction. We will work quickly and efficiently so that you can return to everyday life. So call us at Schuler Plumbing today.

Better Quality Plumbing Services for A Smaller Price

Most Trusted Commercial Plumbing Company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Businesses in Oklahoma City rely on commercial plumbing to keep operations running. There is nothing more critical to productive and efficient work than running water. It is a luxury taken for granted in today’s day and age, but not at Schuler Plumbing. We understand how vital running water and sewage are to a successful business and how money is lost every time you have to shut down for repair or replacements.

A professional and experienced commercial plumbing company will help keep your workplace safe and efficient by offering various services– all of which are provided with the utmost care and attention to detail when choosing Schuler. For this type of job, it is vital that you go with a team specialized in commercial work. While, on the surface, they may not seem different from residential, commercial plumbers have a completely different specialty. The primary difference is the complexity of a job. Residential systems are smaller and only operate for one household. Commercial systems, however, are much more complex due to the larger scale of what they can handle and how much area they cover. Additionally, they have specialized fixtures, systems, and processes that make it essential to bring in a certified technician.

Our experienced commercial plumbers have rigorous training and vast knowledge of waterworks problems. We also ensure that they stay updated on the newest technology and products available so that you know their solution will be long-lasting, efficient, and fully exceed your expectations. From pipe repairs to water heater installations, commercial services are no longer a headache. Our specialists can handle a variety of projects and inspect existing systems. A part of the Schuler guarantee is never having to worry about if you’re getting the best advice. Instead, we spot a problem and instantly recommend ways to improve your setup.

Whether you need repairs or installations, having a qualified company, like Schuler, in your back pocket can save you time and money. We know that Oklahoma City has several great options when it comes to journeymen companies. Still, we want to show you the difference between great and excellent. We want to show you the Schuler difference.

Whether you need repairs or installations, having a qualified company, like Schuler, in your back pocket can save you time and money. We know that Oklahoma City has several great options when it comes to journeymen companies. Still, we want to show you the difference between great and excellent. We want to show you the Schuler difference.

Reliable & Meticulous Work from a Plumbing Company You Can Trust

Oklahoma City’s Favorite Residential Plumbing Experts

We understand the importance of residential plumbing. Our founder, Harold Schuler, knows precisely what it is like to grow up in a house without indoor systems. It was an experience that made a lifelong impression and gave him the passion that led to Schuler Plumbing. Residential care is the cornerstone of this company. Initially, Harold built up a solid foundation of clients who valued his hard work at fair prices.

Even after years of service, that dedication hasn’t changed. Our residential clientele still values our services for the strong work ethic and fair prices we apply to every job. The only difference is that we now have close to a half century’s experience. Our team of certified professionals is the best in the business and proves it with superior craft. We can perform flawless installations, repairs, and inspection services, so you never have to worry about whether the job is right. Every project we take on is quality assured and customer satisfaction guaranteed because we have the resources, skills, and dedication to ensure the job does not need a second visit. Commitment to our customer’s needs and satisfaction makes us Oklahoma City’s top-choice plumbing company.

Whether you are dealing with run-of-the-mill problems or an emergency, we handle the entire process with care. From the first time, you say hello to well after completion, we work kindly and efficiently to help you achieve your goals. We understand the investment in household essentials such as sewage, drainage, pipes, and water heaters. We promise to keep your system running smoothly for your family. We will always work to understand your needs and find a long-term solution.

Residential specialists at Schuler Plumbing take pride in hard work and value quality craftsmanship. They are licensed, have been rigorously trained, thoroughly background checked, and meticulously tested for illegal substances. Highering, the best OKC has to offer, is vital to ensure your peace of mind. We can focus on you when everyone is certified and committed to reaching the same goal. Pipe jobs are not one size fits all, so our workers must be able to provide personalized solutions that last for years to come.

At Schuler Plumbing, we know good plumbers when we see them. They have a passion for the job, an eye for detail, and can meticulously work through every problem with precision. Most importantly, they care about people. If you are looking for a residential plumbing company in Oklahoma City, OK, with those essential characteristics, look no further. Give us a call today.

Water & Sewer Repair or Replacement Plumbing for Commercial Properties

A Plumbing Company Made for Hard-Working Businesses like Yours

After 45 years of excellence in Oklahoma City, we have earned our position as OKC’s top choice in commercial companies for all things water and drainage. As a result, our clients, from restaurant owners to retirement home facilitators, know what they are getting when they call Schuler Plumbing. That being the highest caliber work for a fair price. We guarantee that your system will run smoothly for years by hiring fully licensed master and journeymen plumbers. We are here to help you, so we do everything we can to give you confidence in our experience.

The list of services we perform in commercial spaces is comprehensive. We want to ensure that you can satisfy all your needs in one place, so we go above and beyond the call of duty. Our services include:

  • Commercial Drain & Sewer Cleaning
  • Water / Sewer Repair & Replacement
  • Commercial Piping Service
  • Commercial Water Heaters
  • Commercial Gas Lines
  • Toilet / Urinal / Sink Repair & Replacement
  • Commercial Leak Detection
  • Commercial Inspection
  • Manhole Installation – Sanitary & Septic
  • Water Mains
  • Groundwork Installation
  • Rough & Top-Out
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Plumbing Company for Your Home Repairs, Replacements, & Installations

Quality of Service & Attention to Detail in Every Plumbing Job

It is no secret that we hold ourselves to the highest standards in everything we do, especially our dedication to the trade. As a result, we offer a wide range of services that will satisfy any waterworks need and exceed the expectations of what you thought a plumbing company could offer.

Our goal for Oklahoma City is to supply superior plumbing services you never have to question. So whether you are struggling with a pipe emergency that needs immediate attention or comparing companies to replace your water heater, Schuler Plumbing is qualified to do it all. Residential Services We Offer:

  • Emergency Services
  • Water Heater Repairs
  • Water Heater Replacement

  • Piping & Repiping Services
  • Cleanings for Drains & Sewers
  • Gas Line Installation and Conversions
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Fixture & Toilet Replacement
  • Leak Detection
  • Inspection Services

Locate Small Plumbing Problems Before They Become A Huge Disaster

Thorough and Accurate Plumbing Company Trusted in OKC for 45 Years

Connection with a plumbing company you can trust is essential when discussing inspections. Inspections aim to ensure that your system is operating how it should and detect minor problems before they get out of control. Having a reliable and trustworthy company gives you the confidence to know that they are meticulously checking for problems, looking in the right spot, and telling you the truth. Regular inspections can help you avoid emergencies and costly repairs. Still, you have to trust the inspection quality you are receiving.

Next time you need an inspection, call the experts at Shuler Enterprises. You never have to worry about the quality of our service or advice. Our technicians are trained and experienced plumbers with meticulous attention to detail, sure to catch any problem developing in your system.

If you are looking for an honest and reliable assessment of your technology in Oklahoma City, call the highly qualified experts at Shuler Enterprises. Our superior equipment and knowledge will ensure you have the best experience.

A Plumbing Company You Can Trust No Matter How Big or In-Depth the Job

Meticulous Attention to Detail at the Best Price for Plumbing Services

No matter your problem with your plumbing system in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, you are in the right place. Schuler Plumbing is the city’s leading provider in all things water, sewage, and drainage. With 45 years of experience under our belts, we pride ourselves on being the most efficient and competitive plumbing company in the area. Still, it is not just because of our work ethic, attention to detail, or fair prices. It is because we go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are well taken care of through every step of the process. Your satisfaction and safety are our #1 priority, so we diligently check several boxes for our services and journeymen.

  • We listen to your questions and concerns.
  • We show up on time for the job and never leave until it is complete.
  • We hold ourselves to high standards and only higher individuals who do the same.
  • Every technician is certified, licensed, and rigorously trained in our company processes.
  • Your safety is important to us, so we ensure every tech is up to date on codes, passes a thorough background check, and has a clean drug test.

If you are looking for a plumbing company in Oklahoma City that provides high-quality work at fair prices, you have come to the right place. Let us introduce you to a service that will exceed your expectations. Set up your free consultation today.

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