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Commercial Leak Detection Services That Help Businesses Succeed

Unaddressed leaks in commercial properties are serious and costly issues. Leaks often fly under the radar because they stay hidden; however, left unattended, they can cause damage that leads to severe financial loss and health risks. In addition, when several systems work together, it can seem like an impossible burden to ensure the plumbing, gas, and sewage lines all work as they should. Luckily, Schuler Plumbing provides unbeatable commercial leak detection services to business properties in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our technicians are trained beyond industry standards and have years of experience in the OKC plumbing industry. So whether you own a restaurant, office building, or top-secret government headquarters, our team has the skills and expertise to ensure your building functions seamlessly.

As stated above, undetected leaks are expensive issues from which to recover. Still, Schuler Plumbing offers several plumbing solutions to help your business avoid a catastrophic situation. Here’s how we can help:

  • Cut your costs on water and electricity by stopping water from being wasted, reducing the extra water needed to make up the difference, and harnessing the additional energy used to move and treat the water through the pipes.
  • With a main line leak, we commonly see the system siphoning groundwater. It is essential to keep that from happening so your entire system doesn’t become contaminated. The longer it persists, the more likely it is to happen, so having a specialist in your pocket can be a great relief.
  • Leaks and extensive damages are liabilities, so using our services will reduce your risks of being sued for negligence.

Businesses and municipalities in Oklahoma City can trust that their water, plumbing, and gas lines are well cared for when using Schuler Plumbing’ commercial leak detection services. The distinction between good and great in the plumbing industry makes all the difference. There are a lot of good plumbing companies in OKC, but we are great. So call Schuler Plumbing today for fast and efficient diagnostic service with a smile!

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Leak Detection 101

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Leak Detection Services

To understand commercial leak detection services in Oklahoma City, you must first know what a leak detector is. A leak detector is a piece of equipment that uses sensors to monitor systems holding liquid or gas. It ensures the contained materials do not escape, leave, or evacuate the container before or in a place it should not. There are different leak detectors for various leaks. Leaks are characterized by how fast the substance escapes or the leak rate. The leak rate comes from the difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the container. A certified plumber can find a leak using handheld devices, or there are also 24-hour leak detection systems that you can have installed. The purpose of commercial leak detection services from Schuler Plumbing is to minimize, maintain, and eliminate unintended gas and liquid emissions.

The Schuler Solution for Leak Testing

There are many different ways to detect leaks depending on the type. However, we can split them into three main categories: pressure, acoustic, and chemical. Plumbing leak detection focuses on pressure and acoustic.

Pressure decay commercial leak detection service methods use compressed air to monitor how much pressure escapes the part over time. Pressure as a function of time defines the leak rate. If the pressure drop stabilizes outside the allowable level, the part is leaking. There are several variations of this test, including,

  • Vacuum Decay identifies leaks using negative pressure. The test results’ pressure changes are then compared to a reference part to determine if a leak is present. 
  • Burst tests increase pressure in a part until it finds the breaking point.
  • Crack Pressure tests identify “weeping” leaks in valves. It checks for leaks before the valve reaches its opening pressure.
  • Occlusion tests identify obstructions and leaks in gas lines by sending air through the path to see if it is clear or if there is a blockage.

Acoustic leak detection is a method of detection that uses sound waves bouncing off of hard surfaces to find leaks. Leaks typically produce sounds from the pressure of water escaping the pipes– whooshes, hisses, splashes, or thumbing may all be present. Still, it typically depends on the size and material of the line. A highly sensitive transducer inside the acoustic leak detector records these sounds when attached to a building. How loud the sound is, defines how much pressure is in the pipe, and this information helps pinpoint the leak.

Essential Commercial Leak Detection Service Technology

The Road to Success and What Gives Schuler Plumbing the Upper Hand

Leaks are some of a commercial property owner’s most frustrating and destructive plumbing issues. Even a tiny pinhole leak can lead to devastation. Still, the ability to repair it rests on your ability to find it, which is not always so easy without help from the advanced commercial leak detection service equipment used by professionals– like us! Schuler Plumbing stays up-to-date on the latest technologies and techniques so that we can provide quick and efficient leak diagnostics.

Our technology begins with acoustic listening devices that can pinpoint leaks by listening for sound waves coming up through the ground. This technology is so sensitive it can hear drops of water escaping pinhole leaks through a layer of concrete. We also use heat scanners in areas that are too noisy for acoustic detection, such as on the street. Escaping water has more energy than the rest. As it gains more energy, its temperature shifts, as well as the color associated with its temperature. The coloring distinguishes a leak allowing it to show up on the scanner.

Furthermore, we use video pipe inspection equipment for the most precise leak detection results and as the solution to our trickiest leaks. Our plumbers can see the interior condition of your pipes as the image is relayed back to a monitor. This method informs the technician of the leak but also provides extra information that would not have been possible otherwise.

Finally, and most importantly, Schuler Plumbing technicians have their qualifications and training backed by our 45 years of experience in the industry. Our experts know more than enough to rapidly narrow the search area while formulating a solution to your problem that prevents it from happening again.

Why You Should Never Ignore Commercial Leaks

The Risks of Letting it Go Unattended

Water leaks are not a minor inconvenience you want to let lie for a while. Deciding you will get to it later is a grave error that could jeopardize the health of your employees, customers, and, ultimately, your business. Therefore, if you are one of the many who believe a small leak is inconsequential, you should keep reading.

Water leaks lead to an accumulation of stagnant water. Stagnant water can have adverse health effects, especially for asthma patients. Attacks are triggered as the leak puts more moisture in the air. However, it is not only asthma sufferers at risk; humidity leads to respiratory infections for everyone. Stagnant water can also become the breeding ground for various pests and biological organisms. Disease-carrying insects like mosquitoes are drawn to water and need it to reproduce. Likewise, anywhere you find stagnant water, you will also find mildew and mold spores. Mold growth is a grave issue and very difficult to eliminate. If left unattended, it causes infections that lead to eye irritation, rash, fever, respiratory illness, and even hysteria, paranoia, and delusions.

Furthermore, leaks are a strain on business finances. Even tiny drips can equate to significant overspending– especially for systems as large and complex as most commercial units are. A ¼ inch leak can consume over 15,000 gallons of water daily, but only in a residential unit. Commercial leaks report over 200,000 gallons of lost water daily. That is 200,000 gallons of water you are paying for but not using. It’s also 200,000 gallons worth of energy used to transport that water you are losing. These numbers are why commercial leak detection services are essential for any business that wants to operate at maximum efficiency– even more so, why you need reliable leak detection specialists.

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