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Commercial piping services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, have never been more reliable than those with Schuler Plumbing. We provide essential services through thorough and efficient attention to detail because we realize our vital role in maintaining your business’s functionality. Pipes make up a large part of commercial infrastructure; therefore, bringing in a team who understands piping systems inside and out is crucial. As a result, our pipework is dependable, our prices are fair and upfront and customer service is a significant focus.

We have provided quick, efficient, and fair plumbing services to the OKC community for 45 years. In 1978 we opened our doors and have been at it ever since. We have seen everything, and between our skills in the trade and experience in the industry, we can handle any piping issue you have. We can handle everything from maintenance requests and minor repairs to new construction piping projects and complete system redesigns.

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Piping Installation & Repiping Services by Schuler Make Pipes Like New

Safe and reliable piping systems in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, are made up of details. Every piece must be working correctly and in unison to function. A vital part is dependable new project piping installation and repiping services. This kind of commercial piping service from Schuler Plumbing involves designing and installing new piping systems, valves, and other components. Doing so helps establish efficient designs that achieve a successful outcome for commercial establishments– success defined as the satisfaction goals set at the beginning of a project.

From design services and new project management to diagnostics, maintenance, and piping repairs, Schuler Plumbing has the experience needed to ensure successful execution. Additionally, our services extend beyond simple applications. Our expertise stretches from single-pipe service to multi-pipe and multi-system projects.

Whether for a new or existing system, Schuler Plumbing has what it takes to complete your project on time, within budget, and surpassing industry standards.

How Do You Know When It Is Time to Repipe?

Piping systems should last– some as long as 80 years. However, all appliances degrade due to age and wear and tear. Still, commercial piping has a life span, and as a commercial property owner, you must know the signs of a system that needs repairs or a replacement. For example, be wary of leaks, water discoloration, and rust. If you notice these symptoms, commercial piping service may be required. In addition, as pipes age, they will begin to corrode. Corrosion happens due to changes in the soil composition or water pressure. It may also occur at an accelerated rate due to hard water deposits.

Additionally, you may need repiping work done if your pipes are old. Long ago, lines used lead and galvanized steel. They were highly durable; however, they posed severe health risks. The water absorbed chemical compounds from the metals as it passed through, causing contamination. Furthermore, old pipes are an excellent indication that it is time for an upgrade. You will know they are old because they continuously need repairs and never seem to work. You may notice them burst more frequently or need the same repair repeatedly.

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Commercial pipe with a large red valve

What Makes Commercial Piping Services So Significant?

The Benefits of New Project Installation, Repiping, and Repairs

While less common, pipe systems do occasionally need a complete overhaul. This involves removing the drains and pipes that bring in and take away water. While this project may seem intrusive and frustrating, Schuler Plumbing does everything possible to make the process as painless and quick as possible. Plus, we ensure that you know exactly what your investment of time and money will get you in return. Commercial repiping services can:

  • Improve your water pressure and reduce mineral leaching.
  • Stop leaks once and for all while minimizing the risk of water damage.
  • Replace old pipes that may be susceptible to breaks before they cause irreparable damage.
  • Upgrade plumbing to improve property value on your terms rather than waiting for an emergency.
  • Save money and raise your bottom line by upgrading to a more energy-efficient system and reducing the number of commercial piping service calls you make.

Commercial repiping may not always be an easy journey, but it is valuable. Let Schuler Plumbing show you how. Call us today to set up your free consultation!

Commercial Piping Repairs by Schuler Plumbing

Common Plumbing Problems Indicating You Need Commercial Piping Service

Properly functioning pipe systems keep businesses operational, so knowing when to call for backup is always good. Therefore, a property owner must understand what piping conditions need professional attention. 

Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a risk for any area with temperatures below freezing. When water molecules freeze, they expand, causing the pipe to expand with them. It is a slow process, but you will need commercial piping service once the pipe bursts. Call Schuler Plumbing today!

Tree Roots

Tree Roots

Tree roots are another significant problem for piping systems– especially when a small leak is present. Roots gravitate toward sewage pipes because of the nutrient-rich wastewater. Once they reach the line, they wrap around it and squeeze until it ruptures.

Hard Water

Hard Water

Hard water is a menace to all things home appliances, particularly pipes. Mineral deposits in the water– calcium and magnesium– stick to the interior lining of the lines and accumulate. If this persists, they encourage rusting and cause corrosion.



Drain clogs are frustrating and can cause significant issues. Chemical agents are always harmful because they put toxic chemicals into your pipes and corrode them further. It can also do more harm to remove a clog rather than getting the help of a professional.

Full-Scope Commercial Piping Service Includes Maintenance

How We Can Serve Your Pipes and What You Can Do to Help!

Oklahoma City’s most reliable commercial piping services would be remiss without maintenance. A well-cared-for system made of the right materials can last up to 100 years, but only if you follow a suggested maintenance schedule. When you are not monitoring a system, hard water has free reign, pipes can freeze, tree roots crush the system for sustenance, and you spend a fortune on bills for wasted water you never used and costly repairs you could have prevented.

Using maintenance services has many benefits, including watchful eyes continuously checking to ensure nothing’s gone wrong with your plumbing. When you use a service like Schuler Plumbing, you know your technician has years of experience and training, allowing them to pick up on the slightest inconsistencies. As a result, we can keep your system functioning flawlessly, and you get the assurance that no costly emergencies will cause you to cease operations. With our services, you also get the security that your utility bills are optimized– you are using the water you pay for and only paying for the water you use. Finally, commercial piping maintenance keeps every component in working condition. Hard water deposits are removed consistently, rust is prevented, and we can remove faulty parts before they have time to wear on the entire system.

Still, while the majority of maintenance tasks will fall on the commercial piping service provider, there are some things you can do to make your commercial systems operate better.

  • Use Drain Covers
  • Keep Hot Grease and Oil Out Of Your Drains
  • Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners
  • Toilets Are Not Garbage Disposals. Only Flush Toilet Paper
  • Run Hot Water Down the Drain After Washing Dishes

At Schuler Plumbing, we see all our commercial clientele as our partners. We know optimal and efficient plumbing systems are possible, but getting your piping to the latter half of the life expectancy spectrum will take effort on both sides.

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At Schuler Plumbing, our main concern is exceeding your expectations. We take our 45 years of experience, training, and knowledge and put it into every commercial piping service call we take. Whether it is a new construction project, repiping an old commercial structure, or maintaining a middle-aged system, we give it 110%. With our services, you will find the confidence to stop worrying about your building’s plumbing and get back to what’s important– running your business.

The Schuler team is friendly and well-versed in our piping services, so don’t hesitate to call or send us a message. We look forward to working with you!

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