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Commercial Groundwork Installation Service

What It Is and Why It’s Necessary

Groundwork is a term used in construction to describe the work prepping the subsurface for a new project. Groundwork is the first stage in a new construction project. It includes all activities before the foundation is laid, such as trenching, drainage, sewer construction, and installing utility lines like water pipes, fiber optic cables, and gas lines. Depending on the project’s scope, it may also be responsible for installing environmental controls like septic systems. Groundwork is central to the success of a construction project. It helps create the layout and structure of a building to provide the groundwork with strength in holding its weight.

Whether you are constructing a new office building, retail space, apartment complex, house, or factory, the groundwork must be flawless because it supports the entire structure. A strong foundation without thorough and meticulous groundwork installation is impossible because the total weight of construction will rest on it. Groundwork centers heavily on project planning and proactive evaluation of its effectiveness. Without a company with comprehensive knowledge and experience in groundwork installation service, you lay your new project on instability.

That is where Schuler Plumbing comes in. We have had a firm grip on the commercial construction industry since 2003. However, we established ourselves in the Oklahoma City plumbing industry in 1978. With 20 years of experience in new construction projects and 45 years of experience overall, it is like second nature to us. You never have to worry about the quality of work you receive from our services because we always strive to exceed expectations. We have proven efficient and thorough in our work, so you can rest assured that your new building will stand tall for many years.

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How Schuler Groundwork Installation Services Can Set Your Business Up for Success

Groundwork Service Work You Can be Proud Of

Groundwork installation services in OKC involve a wide range of activities– aside from demolition– that prepare a construction site for its next project. They are essential for modern living and may include the installation of sewage and draining, laying utility lines, and excavating soil. These tasks are complex and time-consuming. In addition, they require experience with all aspects of groundwork and an understanding of local codes and regulations. However, masters of their trade, Schuler Plumbing in Oklahoma City, can provide comprehensive and reliable services on time and within budget.

Groundwork Services We Offer

Ground investigations involve a collection of data concerning the physical characteristics of a site. This may include data on soil and rock composition, water vapor, and any element that affects the suitability of a location. It also accounts for any hazardous materials that may cause problems during construction.

Site clearance is removing any hazardous materials that could affect the site’s safety. It may also include leveling the land or excavating deep into the ground to prepare for sub-ground-level rooms.

Trenching is the process of preparing a site to lay essential systems. It uses shallow holes in the ground of a project for laying gas and water pipes, electrical cables, communication infrastructure, and conduit systems.

Retaining walls are constructed to support soil, water, and other materials that may shift. Retaining barriers prevent erosion and keep your project in place if the ground begins to slope downward.

Hydraulic excavator equipment and piling rigs force sheet piles into the ground to retain soils and support excavation. Sheet piles ensure that excavation is safe and proper.

Sewer construction is installing and maintaining underground infrastructure, such as sewer lines. It often includes preparing, installing, repairing, testing, cleaning, and maintaining all sewer pipes and associated systems.

Groundwork basement construction is the production of all or part of a building underground. The value of basement construction comes from the additional support it provides to the structure and foundation of a project.

Temporary and permanent drainage solutions are pertinent for any construction project in OKC. It includes laying temporary or permanent pipes and other materials that can easily remove excess water from the construction site and prevent it from becoming waterlogged.

Specialist tunneling is underground tunnels used for groundwork installation services and networks. It is a mode of subsurface construction that encourages safe excavation through land, rock or any other material that may be in the way.

Our groundwork landscaping specialists shine once the end of a construction project is approaching. Their job is to alter the preexisting landscape and give the job a finished look. Terrain modifications may include trees, foliage, ground type, and topography changes. They may also take part in the removal of older construction materials.

Surfacing roads and parking lots is an integral part of our job because these surfaces must withstand incredible wear and tear. Additionally, they must be able to accommodate the ever-increasing number of vehicles operating on them. With the help of our team of specialists, road surfaces gain a longer life expectancy and become more durable, so you can rest assured that they will stay smooth for many years to come.

As a part of our groundwork installation services, we offer foundation construction. Foundations ensure that the weight of a project is distributed evenly across a steady base and is strong enough to hold the entire structure.

Making the Schuler Difference

Characteristics of an Excellent Groundwork Specialist

A team of experienced groundwork installation service specialists is vital to the success of a construction project. With a solid groundwork foundation– to support the site foundation– your structure will have stability issues. When looking for a groundworks company, remember to find a team with an exceptional record of health and safety, an extensive list of projects and expertise, a healthy company culture, existing client partnerships, and project programming and delivery models.

The experts at Schuler Plumbing have all of these characteristics and more. As a result, Oklahoma City chooses us as their go-to groundworks company. Our quality work and fair prices go a long way. Still, more importantly, people love our company’s heart for customer service and exceeding expectations.

If you are looking for a team of groundwork professionals for your next project, call us. You will not be sorry you did.

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