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Residential Leak Detection Services Ensure Your Home Comfort Needs

Dismissing leak detection services in Oklahoma City, OK, is an easy thing to do. Leaks commonly fly under the radar because they are out of sight, and homeowners rarely know how to identify early warning signs. Still, left unattended, they become severe and costly problems. Not only is there extreme financial risk involved, but leaks lead to extreme health risks. To make things more complicated, several systems, including water, gas, and sewage lines, must work together perfectly to ensure your home remains comfortable and safe.

Luckily, Schuler Plumbing provides unbeatable home leak detection services to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma residents. Our technicians are trained beyond industry standards and have years of experience repairing leaks in the OKC community. So no matter your problem, our team has the skills and expertise to ensure your home functions seamlessly.

Residential Leak Detection Services In Oklahoma City, OK

Everything You Need To Know About How We Find Leaks In Your OKC Home

Before you can understand what our leak detection services provide, you must know what a leak detector is. Leak detectors monitor systems containing liquid or gas with sensors so that the substances do not escape their container at the wrong time or place. Various detectors catch different leaks depending on composition, speed, and location. A leak is defined by how fast the liquid or gas can escape its container. This speed is also called the leak rate. It describes the difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the holding container.

Professional plumbers use handheld devices to find leaks. However, there are also leak detection systems that you can have installed, which work like a smoke alarm. Our goal in providing these services is to minimize, maintain, and eliminate unintended and harmful gas and liquid emissions.

Leak Testing the Schuler Way

We use different tests for leaks depending on their composition, flow rate, and location; therefore, we can split detection tests into three categories: pressure, acoustic, and chemical. Plumbing efforts rely primarily on pressure and acoustic testing, so that is where we will focus as well.

Essential Technology for the Detection of Leaks

A Peak Into What Makes Schuler The Leak Detection Specialists in OKC

Leaks are one of the most frustrating problems a homeowner experiences. One tiny hole can cause devastating damage. Of course, if caught early, they won’t be an issue. Still, the ability to repair it relies on finding it in the first place. That’s not always easy without the help of a qualified professional and their advanced tech– like the ones at Schuler! We stay up to date with the latest technology to ensure you always get quick and efficient leak detection services.

We start with an acoustic listening device that can pinpoint leaks by soundwaves coming up from the ground. This technology is so sensitive that it can hear a drop of water escaping through a pinhole leak under a layer of concrete. Heat scanners also work well for areas with too much noise to use an acoustic device. Heat scanners interpret heat and energy as colors. Escaping water has more energy than the rest and, thus, more heat. The colors shift as it gains more energy, distinguishing themselves on a scanner for the plumber to find.

Furthermore, we have video inspection equipment for pipes that provide the most detailed leak detection results and the solution for our trickiest projects. Our plumbers can use them to see the interior condition of your pipes. Not only does this method inform the technician of where your pipes are leaking, but it also provides other helpful information that can aid in preventing the problem from returning or finding the cause.

Finally, a Schuler technician’s most important piece of equipment is their qualifications, training, and experience. Our experts know everything there is to know about plumbing. As a result, we can rapidly narrow down the search area of a leak while formulating a solution that will prevent you from experiencing this problem again.

We understand the importance of stopping a leak before it starts and keeping your plumbing system one solid piece. That is why, as far as plumbing leaks are concerned, no one has your back like Schuler Plumbing does.