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What Makes Manhole Installation Reliable?

Everything you Need to Know about A Newly Installed Manhole

Manhole installation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is the installation of concrete or metal chambers located on roads, along sidewalks, and in other paved areas. They are used to access the subsurface of a sewer or drainage system and allow for maintenance, repairs, and construction projects. The implications are that they are the avenue for maintaining municipal utilities. They typically use cast iron rings and a heavy lid cover. Still, they may also use plastic, precast concrete, or fiberglass. The lid protects against water intrusion and limits access to the underground piping.

Proper manhole installation allows easier access to underground utility lines like water supply, gas, and waste systems. This access will enable technicians to inspect, clean, and remove obstructions from the line. Manholes also facilitate the alignment of sewer channels or change their direction. Additionally, they act as ventilation systems for the sewer. Gasses can rise to the top and escape safely through a perforated lid.

Three main types of manholes exist; you can distinguish them by their depth.

  • Shallow manholes have a depth ranging between 75 to 90 cm. You will only find this type of manhole in areas with a low traffic volume at the start of a branch sewer.
  • Normal Manholes take a square shape and have a greater depth than their shallow counterparts. They extend 150cm down and have a heavy cover.
  • Deep manholes describe any chamber going further than 150cm deep that has a heavy top.

While seemingly straightforward, the complex variations between manholes are not. Therefore, it is always best to have a company experienced in all types of manhole installation processes to have confidence your project is in the best hands. With 45 years of experience in the Oklahoma City plumbing industry, we have all your bases covered. So give us a call today and find out how we can help!

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Septic VS Sanitary Systems

The Difference Between Sanitary & Septic Installation & How They Work

People tend to group sanitary and septic installations, but there are critical distinctions to know. The main difference between septic tanks and sanitary, or sewer, systems is that sanitary systems are connected to the municipal sewer line, which carries wastewater away and to a treatment facility. On the other hand, septic systems are self-contained units that treat wastewater on site. Both systems do the same thing– clean wastewater while preventing it from contaminating the groundwater (which would contaminate our drinking water) – they just do it in different ways. Regardless of the process, filtering wastewater is essential, which makes sanitary and septic installations a top priority.

A sanitary system is likely what you think of when you think of sewage. Waste moves through a series of pipes, out of your commercial building, and to a wastewater treatment facility. This picture is accurate. The pipe network forms a complex series of lines that span entire cities and operate with gravity flow pressure pumps. While usually the more common option, sanitary systems are not always viable.

Septic tanks live deep beneath the surface of a commercial building. They play a vital role in maintaining sanitary conditions at your facility. Septic tanks break down the wastewater’s components– separating the solids, liquids, bacteria, and biohazards. First, however, it must contain the wastewater to prevent its intermingling with the groundwater. Septic systems are less common than sanitary systems because they require more maintenance. However, their use is more common in rural areas and places that do not have main sewer line access.

There are many negative implications arising from improper sanitary and septic installations, like contaminated drinking water, so you should be diligent about finding a qualified team to help install your wastewater system. Schuler Plumbing understands how vital it is to have a system that meets your needs and can stand the test of time. Our team is committed to hard work and meticulous detail so that we can exceed your expectations. The technicians we endorse are highly qualified and extensively experienced in septic systems, so you know everything will work perfectly and last. Call us today to determine what sanitary and septic installation needs you have.

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Schuler Plumbing is Oklahoma City’s top provider of sanitary, septic, and manhole installation services. We have provided members of the OKC community with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective services since 1978. We have built our reputation on hard work and meticulous attention to detail. With our team on your side, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality service for your sanitary and septic installation needs. The technicians we hire are experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of septic and sewage-related concerns. They have all the tools and techniques necessary to install your new system without a hitch because there is nothing worse than a sanitary, septic, or manhole installation gone wrong.

When you choose Schuler for your septic needs, you can rest easy knowing that we will install the system safely, quickly, and correctly. Plus, our services are cost-effective without losing quality. We also have a reputation for fantastic customer service. We understand that there is no service without the customer, so we go above and beyond to provide comprehensive care. Plenty of good plumbers are out there, but what makes us great is our commitment to you, our partner– and that is the Schuler difference.

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