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With 45 years of specialized expertise, Schuler Plumbing has the infrastructure and knowledge to solve your water heater repair needs in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our team of experts understands that a water heater malfunction can disrupt everything. That is why we offer fast-acting and long-lasting solutions. Our quick turnaround times guarantee satisfaction for even the most demanding projects. Our experienced technicians have enough experience and in-depth knowledge to handle any problem you’re facing– from repairs, replacements, and maintenance to water heater troubleshooting. Our services will have you back to running hot water in no time. So rely on Schuler Plumbing– because when it comes to ensuring your home’s best interest, time is money. Our water heater repair services include:

  • A comprehensive inspection of the heater components
  • Identification of faulty parts or systems
  • Replacement of worn or damaged components
  • Repair or replacement of faulty connections
  • Installation of new components and parts as needed
  • Replacement of old heaters with more energy-efficient models

Our services are same-day in most cases because we want you to have hot water restored quickly. In addition, our experts are knowledgeable in the specifics of major water heater brands, including gas, electric, tank, and tankless water heater models. Therefore you can rest assured that we will perform your water heater repair correctly the first time, so you don’t have to worry about further malfunctions.

No matter what kind of water heater you have, our repairs are superior, and our service ensures you have the best system. With experienced and certified technicians committed to providing top-notch service, you can count on us to exceed your expectations. Call us today for more information on our water heater repair services. Ask about the Schuler Difference while you’re at it.

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What is So Important About Water Heater Repair?

Addressing Water Heater Problems and Saving Money

Forgoing water heater repair and maintenance are tempting. Unfortunately, the long-term costs are more significant than you may anticipate. A water heater is a complex appliance, but with help from a reliable technician, you can ensure your system is running flawlessly and avoid potential problems developing in the future. In addition, you’ll save time and money by taking proactive steps sooner and solving a problem as soon as it arises.

Qualified repair technicians can diagnose the problem and offer a long-term solution quickly. Whether a simple repair or a total replacement, Schuler only makes suggestions we would follow ourselves. For example, in some cases replacing an old water heater will save you money going forward by providing higher efficiency ratings and lower utility bills. Still, we understand you need to know a suggestion is best for your home and not our business.

No matter the water heater issue you experience, it is crucial you find a reputable service provider that offers high-caliber work. Excellent service provides quick and reliable repairs that will last. The technician should also be able to answer any question and provide a clear and concise contract before starting any work. Finding the right water heater repair provider will ensure your water heater works for many years. 

Plenty of red flags tell you that failure is on the horizon if you know where to look. Water heater replacement is a big step, but rest assured, Schuler Plumbing will guide you every step of the way.

Signs of Trouble With Your Water Heater

How to Know When You Need Water Heater Repair

Issues needing water heater repair are not always straightforward. However, as a homeowner in Oklahoma City, the ability to diagnose whether your water heater needs attention is a good skill. Below are four ways to know if you need heater repairs.

  • Age: The life expectancy of your water heater will vary depending on the kind you have and what fuel source it consumes. Still, most last at least ten years. If your model is older than that, you can expect a lot of repairs. Upgrading your heater will ensure reliability while saving you money on energy bills and upkeep expenses.
  • Lack of Hot Water: Water heaters have one job: to heat water. If there is no hot water, then you have a problem. It could result from a malfunction in the supply line or heating element. Either way, you should contact a professional that can properly diagnose the problem.
  • Water Discoloration: Rust-colored water from your tap could mean several things, but it almost always deals with severe rust buildup and corrosion. An experienced technician can quickly identify and repair this problem before it causes further damage and save you from a full-system replacement.
  • Loud Noises: Troublesome noises from your water heater are telltale signs of a failing appliance. Usually, this happens from an accumulation of sediment and rust. Still, it may also indicate a loose part inside the system. While you can attempt to take this water heater repair on yourself, it is better left in the hands of an expert experienced in solving these problems quickly and efficiently without increasing the risks.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, do not hesitate to contact Oklahoma City’s most trusted water heater technicians, Schuler Plumbing!

Water Heater FAQ

Answers to Questions That Will Reduce Your Risk of Water Heater Repair

There are many options out there when it comes to water heaters. Moreover, even if you find the right water heater, you must take care of it to get everything you need. Still, getting the most out of your water heater involves knowing your needs. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you decide on your next water heater and how to care for it.

Choosing the right water heater size is essential for any homeowner who wants hot water delivered when needed without question or unnecessary energy waste. For example, a household of 1-3 typically relies on a 40-gallon water heater, while a family of 4-6 needs an 80-gallon unit. Before investing in a new water heater, consult an expert to ensure no one takes another cold shower.

Preventative maintenance is essential to ensuring the longevity of your water heater. A part of that upkeep is annual tank flushing. Just like cars need oil changes to maintain efficient transportation, regular flushing prevents sediment from accumulating inside the tank and corroding the interior lining. In areas with a lot of hard water, like Oklahoma City, homeowners should flush their systems twice yearly to account for the extra sediment. Then, with regular attention, your system will continue to operate efficiently– until you are ready to replace it with a new model.

With so many water heater options available, there is no one size fits all solution. Electric, natural gas, and propane systems all have their own unique set of pros and cons, so you must consider budgeting needs and energy efficiency. In addition, some models have different heating processes, like traditional tank water heaters, tankless models, or condensing units that can operate on any fuel source. The model type plays a role in how much hot water you have and how fast it produces more, so knowing your hot water needs is also helpful.

Beyond any advice you read here, the most critical factor to consider is the opinion of a trusted and reliable technician. Professionals like the ones at Schuler Plumbing are experts for a reason. We have a wealth of information on identifying your water heater needs and selecting a suitable model, size, and brand. We understand how important hot water is for the security of your home life, so we make it simple for you to get the water heater repair or replacement you need. So connect with us today to get back to excellent home comfort.

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Schuler Plumbing, Trusted in Oklahoma City since 1978

Schuler Plumbing realizes that hot water is an essential part of home comfort. That is why we can answer any questions regarding your water heater. After 45 years of service in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we have infinite knowledge that makes us uniquely qualified to install and repair water heaters.

We have built a name for ourselves by offering high-caliber work at fair prices, but that is not why we are Oklahoma City’s favorite plumbing company. We are loved in OKC because we always put the client’s needs first. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations, and one of the ways we do that is by prioritizing your needs and concerns– that is the Schuler Difference!

If you want water heater repair in Oklahoma City, look no further. We proudly offer superior services and look forward to working with you!

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