Reliable Commercial Plumbing Services

Schuler Plumbing extends its expert plumbing services to commercial clients in Oklahoma City, providing reliable, high-quality solutions for businesses of all sizes. From routine maintenance and inspections to complex installations and emergency repairs, our skilled team is equipped to handle the unique challenges of commercial plumbing systems. We understand the importance of minimizing downtime for your business, which is why we offer efficient and effective services designed to keep your operations running smoothly. Whether it’s a retail store, office building, or industrial facility, trust us to deliver professional plumbing services that meet your specific needs and ensure the well-being of your property.

The Best Water Heater Replacement Specialists in Oklahoma

Why Finding the Right Plumber for Your Replacement Matters!

Schuler Plumbing is an Oklahoma City-based plumbing company specializing in water heater replacement. We have served this community since 1978. With our 45 years of experience and expertise, we can provide comprehensive solutions that can not only flawlessly replace old water heaters but also advise you through the process of finding the perfect replacement. So whether you need a first-time installation or want to switch from a traditional tank to a tankless water heater, we have the skills to finish the job on time and at a fair price.
We understand that water heaters are a crucial part of home life and must be reliable. At Schuler Plumbing, our water heater replacement professionals have extensive certifications, are fully licensed, and have an in-depth knowledge of water heaters that make them the best at what they do. With our services, you never have to worry about improper installation or buying the wrong size because we take extra care to ensure it functions properly.
Replacing your old water heater is a considerable investment. Still, in most cases, it is a good one. Replacing an appliance before it fully gives out gives you time to find the right machine and company to install it. It also saves you money on emergency repairs and inflated energy bills. Finding a place to start is always the most challenging part, but for residents of Oklahoma City, it does not have to be. Schuler Plumbing is ready and willing to walk you through the water heater replacement process from start to finish. Contact us today so that we can get started!
How Long Should A Water Heater Last?

What You Can Expect Out of A Water Heater Before It Needs Replacing

The life expectancy of your water heater depends heavily on what type it is and how well it is maintained. Traditional tank models have an average span of 15 years, while tankless models last around 20. The biggest threat facing any water heater is sediment and mineral buildup. It can reduce its life span dramatically if not managed. Flushing twice a year ensures your unit lasts its complete term and operates efficiently throughout life.
There is an oft-forgotten maintenance task that you should regularly complete to aid your water heater in surpassing its expected lifespan: replacing the anode rod. This essential component attracts rust from the tank walls, so they do not corrode but, by default, become corroded quickly. Keeping your tank stalked with new anode rods means you’re doing everything possible to prevent water heater replacement.
Without proper care, your water heater will not be able to maintain efficiency and may become a costly drag. Let Schuler Plumbing help ensure your water heater reaches the finish line– with something left to give.